Are you a new Scouter?

Once a new Scouter has submitted their registration a number of things begin to take place:

An email is sent out explaining about the PRC/VSS process, including the request letter. If you live in Strathcona County, you can have the PRC/VSS done at the RCMP detachment. If you live outside of Strathcona, you will need have your municipality law enforcement perform the PRC/VSS.

An interview will be setup in which the online training will be discussed, as well as the 90 day time limit. You will be provided with Chris Woods' contact information and instructed to contact him, should you have any issues, problems, or concerns regarding your status/training. It is crucial that you perform the training as soon as possible, as 90 days passes quickly and if it lapses you may have to start the process over.

Many new Scouters find it beneficial to take the extra time in their first go around at training to take the next Section or two of training all at once.

Are you moving to a new Section?

If you are a Scouter that is moving to another Section, you will need to take the online training for that Section.

Required Training

The Scouter required training can be found by logging into My Scouts ( and clicking on DAVID HUESTIS Learning Centre from the left navigation pane. Launch My Learninig Path from the course listings. Select the appropriate Section you will be volunteering for (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, or Venturers).




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